Harmony Workshops

Come along to our six-week course, where you are sure to enjoy all the delights that barbershop singing has to offer.
Attendees will have a short voice assessment to place them with other ladies in the relevant harmony part: beautiful basses, brilliant baritones, lovely leads and terrific tenors.
From there, physical and vocal warm ups will be done before learning a well-known, sensational song – trust us, it’s one to impress your friends with!
Each weekly session will introduce new singing and performance techniques and as you master each skill your enjoyment levels will continue to rise.
The final session will include an invite for family and friends to watch the sure-to-be-sensational full performance of the song. Excellent raffle prizes will also be on offer, and a selection of homemade cakes will be too tempting to ignore.

We’ve worked hard putting the course together and would love to have you join us from only £5 per session or £20 for the full 6 weeks.
Come along, have fun, learn a new skill and find out what being a Red Rosette is all about!

Which dates would you like to attend? Please select as many as you wish!

It is £5 per session, or £20 for the full six weeks. Payment will be taken on arrival.