Kate White

Baritone section member

I started my career in the entertainment industry; music is one of my passions. My career path changed in my late 20’s and I migrated towards roles in web and elearning development. Due to travel and work commitments, I left my local theatre group and stopped practicing my music. Eventually I gave up dancing too and after a while I felt like a piece of me was missing – I needed to do something about it.

I joined the Red Rosettes in 2018 after searching for local a Capella singing groups online. I went a long to the ‘love to sing’ workshop and from that day I was hooked! Chorus is my down time, singing helps me relax and let out any negative energy. My partner works away six days a week and I work full time while looking after my young daughter. Wednesday night is my only night off to do something for myself and I couldn’t ask for a better hobby. I’ve made lots of new friends, learnt about different singing techniques and I’ve been able to live out my passion to perform.