Sensational Swimmers

This month, we were grateful to Sandra Hale for creating the opportunity for us to be asked if we’d like to get a team together for a sponsored swimmathon. With our chorus expanding and a need for an extra row of risers becoming more pressing (literally), we thought this would be an excellent way to raise money through sponsorship. Two teams of six volunteered to swim for an hour each, with an option for each participant to rest when needed, and all were grateful for the support given to them from the sidelines from friends, family and Red Rosettes more at home on dry land. Every swimmer gave it their all and successfully completed the task with grace and poise, and earned a well-deserved brew at the end. The whole chorus would like to extend their thanks to the following people, for swimming their hearts out for some new risers: Vicky Haslam, Justina Meares, Teresa Phillips, Sue Wilbraham, Diane Blackburn, Linda Walters, Helen Jones, Emily Dearden, Evie Phillips, Elizabeth Shaw, Sue Walton-Andrew and Sue Andrew – every one a star!